Your laptop becomes a virtual estate agent’s office, with the option of viewing and visiting during your virtual office hours.

bagless advantages for real estate agents:

– Simple initial consultation with first visual impressions of the property

– Minimize travel costs

– Reduce the time required for an initial visual inspection

– Conveying the most important sales arguments in a guided tour

– Group tours are possible

– Notification when interested parties enter the virtual room

– Interested parties can also obtain information on their own

Guided tour of a villa in Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca

– The most important facts are shown in the info points

– The aerial view gives a first impression of the location of the property

– The visual presentation is emotionally reinforced by ambient photos

– The materials used can be shown with the shared screen function

– The floor plan of the property can be integrated into the rooms as an image

– The video function enables a sales pitch with your customer

– The 360® photos give a first visual impression of all the rooms in the property, including the terraces and gardens

– The sequence of the guided tour determines the sales dramaturgy

Ms. Y real estate agent and home stager from Essen has successfully introduced bagless

“I’m delighted, my customers save time and get an almost realistic impression of the property online. A real win-win offer for everyone.”

Marco S. Real estate agent from Palma de Mallorca

“bagless helps me to acquire customers from Florida and New York. I can have an initial sales meeting without spending a lot of time or travel expenses.”
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